Rare and precious – our raw materials

Spoerry 1866 is now in its fifth generation and, faithful to traditions in the textile industry, sources and selects its own raw materials and even maintains its own plantation in the Caribbean. Only the best of the best cotton fibres are cultivated here – in strictly limited quantities.

Another strength of our products is based on our spinning processes. Rather than using inferior raw materials and ‘improving’ them chemically in production – as is common practice in the industry – we at Spoerry 1866 have a different approach. Our aim is to retain the natural character of our raw materials in the yarns and the textiles produced from them.

This means that the special properties of our yarns depend to a large extent on our ability to select the right raw materials and to blend these in our in-house production to form a harmonious and balanced product. For this reason, Spoerry 1866 devotes the greatest possible attention to this process.

Carefully selected raw materials and technologically innovative spinning processes form the basis for our high-quality yarns. This is clear from the cotton textiles produced from them. Fine shirts and blouses, silken-soft underwear, the finest possible knitted creations, or luxurious bed linens often have one thing in common: yarns from Spoerry 1866.

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