Spoerry 1866 – soul of fine textiles

“Mankind has never been lacking in talent, creativity and courage.” This was the motto of the Spoerry brothers when they set out in 1866 with the idea to produce yarns. Not mass-produced yarns as they were commonly known, but yarns that imbue any textile with a unique soul.

With this idea in mind, and knowing that the properties of all woven or knitted textiles are significantly affected by the design of the yarns used in their production, the brothers set up a spinning plant in a rural valley in Switzerland which, from the beginning, supplied its creations to the luxury end of the textile market - which is what Spoerry became known for throughout the world.

After over 140 years in the business and developing and refining its manufacturing processes throughout, ‘Spoerry 1866’ stands for the same high quality standards customers have become used to – from product development through to production and worldwide distribution.

The design and properties of its yarns are not only determined by the company's many years of experience in spinning processes but also by its systematic focus on innovation, sustainability and quality.

Spoerry 1866 selects its raw materials from worldwide sources and also maintains its own stock of seeds. When it is needed in production, the raw cotton material can be blended with other luxury fibres, such as Vicuña, cashmere, silk or wool. On request, the company can also blend fibres to customer requirements, as a bespoke service.

Ultimately it is the wishes of our customers and their hunch for the trends in the textile market that determine the desired result. Thanks to this cooperation, extraordinary yarns are created that continue to provide the creators of high-quality textiles with new and interesting possibilities.

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