Sea Island – a 140-year tradition of providing only the best

Sea Island cotton has been the foundation of Spoerry’s rare and precious top quality yarns for over 140 years. These precious fibres are cultivated exclusively on the British West Indies islands in the Caribbean where the climatic conditions are ideal for their growth. The seed of Sea Island cotton, Gossypium Barbadense or better known as ‘black seed’, is a strain that is clearly different from all other types of cotton. It produces the longest fibres in the world with pile lengths of more than 50 mm. That is 20% longer than the fibres of other types of fine cotton.

True to its quality commitment, Spoerry 1866, in cooperation with local farmers, maintains its own plantation and fibre processing plant in the Caribbean. In this way the company has direct control over the cotton’s quality. West Indian Sea Island cotton is picked by hand and processed using a gentle traditional method which today, in our industrial society, is no longer mastered by many people. This is the only way in which the length of the fibres can be combined with their fine, homogenous structure. In accordance with our philosophy we select the cotton manually, in the traditional way, in order to be able to guarantee top quality. These efforts result in a unique blend of fibres with outstanding strength, a silken sheen and an unbelievable feel that cannot be found elsewhere.

Rare and precious

The production of Sea Island cotton as a proportion of total worldwide cotton production is no more that 0.0004 percent. Like almost any rare commodity, Sea Island cotton strangely multiplies on its journey from the fields to the shops: there is a lot more sold than harvested! To counteract this phenomenon, a licensing system and a network of long-term contractual partners is in place to guarantee the purity of this precious raw material. There is a specialist organisation called WISICA International (West Indian Sea Island Cotton Association International) which inspects and certifies every kilogram of locally produced cotton.

In addition, a special hologram is used as a sign for the 100-percent authenticity of Sea Island cotton. Only cotton with the numbered hologram certificate is guaranteed to be 100 percent genuine Sea Island cotton.

Special features of SEA ISLAND

Spoerry SEA ISLAND is the unique quality yarn for exclusive textile creations with these special properties:

• natural silken sheen
• as soft as cashmere
• as long-lasting as wool
• extraordinarily hard-wearing
• perfect yarn structure
• low felting tendency
• clear weave pattern
• positive contribution to the ecological balance

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