Our long heritage manufacturing luxury yarns, constantly developing new blends out of the most valuable fibres lead us to design a small collection which represents the top of our luxury yarn range. The inherit ability to select the right raw material and blend the fibres on the beginning of the manufacturing process together and in combination with our vast know how in manufacturing a perfect tailored yarn, results in a collection of yarns which are exclusive to Spoerry 1866.


In this year’s Platinum collection the focus is drawn to the most valuable fine wool and silk fibres in combination with our finest cotton qualities in an harmonious and balanced blend unique to Spoerry 1866.

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The Platinum range consists:

  • Vicuna Sea Island, 85% Sea Island Cotton, 15% Vicuna, NE 80/2
  • Cashco 50, 50% Cotton Giza, 50% Cashmere white for white, NE 56/2
  • Alpaca 50, 50% Peruvian Pima Cototn, 50% Baby Alpaca, NE 41/2
  • Silk 50, 50% Cotton Giza, 50% Silk, NE 50/2
  • Panama, 70% Cotton,15% Linen, 15% Silk NE 55/2