“The King…”

Warm, soft and light are just some of the properties of cashmere.


This much sought after raw material provided by the soft down undercoat of the Cashmere goat provides the ideal bases to be blended with the best fine extra-long staple cotton available from Egypt.

“The King’s ratio”

We use the only the best white for white cashmere available from Mongolia and blend the fibres in our works in Switzerland with our finest extra – long staple cotton from Egypt.

Either available with blend ratio of 50% Cotton, 50% Silk – 70% cotton, 30% silk or 85% cotton, 15% Silk spun into perfection up to the finest yarn counts.

“Cloth for a king…”

Textile creations made of these unique blends inherits a natural softness due its extra fine cashmere and cotton fibres used and are ideally suited to the colder climates due its excellent insulation capacity.

“Dedicated to those who strive for a luxurious approach”.