“Cotton From Five Continents”

Why always search for new ideas, if the past offers the answers?


Browsing through our vast archive of nearly 150 years of manufacturing yarns for the luxury market illustrates that even then the emphasis laid in the use of the best blend of raw material in order to achieve the perfect yarn for all the different unique textile creations.


Surprisingly, in some cases no less than five different cotton varieties from different continents were used to create a blend used to spin the best yarns of its days. Naturally ones went to great lengths to secure the cotton which was no easy task involving traveling to all the different destination where cotton grows in order to select and secure the best varieties.


Taking the idea to duplicate the fibre blend from our past, created the challenge to source the premium cotton fibres from five continents – North & South America, Africa, Asia and last not least Europe and them together.

North America: US Pima – Rugged, long and strong. Well known and used all over the world for premium textiles in large quantities.


South America: Genuine Peru Pima –The real “Angle Hair” Incredible smooth, long and extremely fine.


Asia: Indian Suvin – Crossbreed between Sea Island cotton and an Indian cotton variety. White in colour and silky in feel.


Africa: The best from Egypt, fine and strong and long as used for generation for spinning fine yarns.


Europe: Pima from Spain – The only one from Europe.

Spun with the latest technology and naturally to the highest standard rewards in to an amazingly unique yarn which combines the softness and strength even up to the ultra-fine yarns for which Spoerry 1866 is famous for.


The exclusive specialty yarns produced by Spoerry 1866 are all characterised by their outstanding properties and represent top Swiss quality.


Backed up by our many years of experience and systematic quality control of all steps in the production process – from the cultivation of the raw material on different continents through to the delivery of the finished yarn.

Experience the best blend of raw materials and….