“Tried & Tested Quality”

No wonder that Spoerry used over the years only the best Giza Long Staple Cottons in their blend to spin the finest yarns – so fine that even an entry in the Guinness World Record Book was awarded.


This valuable raw material is picked by hand and then processed with gentle methods. The distinguishing feature of these unusually long and fine cotton fibres is their high tear resistance and their silken sheen. In addition, the cotton is extremely soft to the touch, and these properties enable it to be spun into the finest possible quality yarns.


Innovative production methods and the use of the latest inspection equipment, as well as the expertise of our experienced specialists, ensure the high quality standard of our yarns made from Giza Premium.

“Genuine perfection”

Giza Premium has everything that is needed to transform your textile creations into genuinely exclusive articles, because the high-quality Egyptian raw material and the perfected spinning process make a unique yarn that meets the highest possible requirements.


Giza Premium is the brand name that gives you the absolute certainty that this yarn is made of 100% genuine Egyptian Extra Long Staple Cotton. We ensure the best quality with our rigorous control system, which covers the whole process from harvesting on the fields through the production till up to the delivery to our customers.


The numbered hologram certificate is your guarantee for the 100% authenticity of Giza Premium.

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