“Fibre of the Gods”

The finest fibre in the world comes from an exquisite and extremely graceful national animal of Peru; the Vicuña.


They live and graze at the remotest high altitudes in the Andres, wild and free.


They are covered with a remarkably long, fine and silky coat which protects them from the elements.

“Sun-colored, Ultra-soft fleece….”

The adult animals produce just 250 grams of fibre every three years and are carefully selected for the de-hairing process, the sun-colored, ultra-soft fleece is sorted by hand in Andean communities this results in less than 150 grams.


At 12.5 micron of diameter Vicuña fibres are incredibly fine, feather-light. Once knitted the who has extraordinary ability to retain body heat.


The production of dehaired wool barely reaches 5 tons per year. This is undoubtable the rarest fibre in the world.

“The golden fleeced blended with white gold”

The Best of both Worlds – Vicuna the worlds finest wool from the Andes, blended together with genuine Sea Island Cotton from our plantation in Jamaica, the worlds longest and finest cotton.


Either tailor made to your liking or available in our standard blend of 15% Vicuna fine wool blended with 85% of our finest Sea Island Cotton.


Dependable on the blend used, this fine combination can be spun upto Nm 170 (Ne 100).