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Raw Yarns

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Raw Yarns

«Mankind has never been lacking in talent, creativity and courage. » This was the motto of the Spoerry brothers, when they set out to produce yarns in 1866. Not mass-produced yarns as they were commonly known, but yarns that imbue any textile with a unique soul. With Spoerry 1866 this tradition continues to this day.


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The decision which yarn to choose makes all the differences. Choose from many different compositions and colours to find the perfect yarn for your textile creation.

Dyed Yarns

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Dyed Yarns

Our harmonious and balanced dyed cotton yarns and blends, many of them exclusive to Spoerry 1866, are all characterised by longstanding experience and our high demand for top quality. We use only the finest fibres available and spin and blend them to perfection at our mills in Switzerland. For yarns that lend an individual soul to any textile creation.

Luxury cotton, a yarn that achieves an unusual feat

Fashion changes all the time. In a way, this is the major obstacle for fashion brands to achieving the task of retaining customers. Owing to continuously shifting interests and tastes, it is rare that people make purchasing decisions based on brand affinity. One way to change that is providing shoppers with impeccable quality products. In clothes, this means combining appealing designs and excellent finishings with sourcing high-class materials. Luxury cotton yarn is such a material that makes the wearer immediately feel connected to a piece and to a certain label.

The ingredients that make up luxury cotton yarn

In the end, it all comes down to how a customer experiences a certain item to determine whether a positive purchasing decision is being made or not. That experience is impacted by looks and feels, but several other factors have been added to it over the course of time. This is particularly true for items made with luxury cotton yarns. Those are expected to meet even higher expectations. For example, customers often put a premium on all materials being produced and harvested in a responsible, sustainable manner.

Sourcing luxury cotton yarn from a reliable provider

Garment manufacturers possess a high level of expertise and experience in sourcing yarns. They can usually easily detect the differences between yarns and distinguish a maker’s claims from the quality of what is really being offered. That’s why many of them find their way to Spoerry, the home of true luxury cotton yarn. The Swiss company has been in the business of high-quality yarn making for more than 150 years and you don’t get to stay in a competitive market for such a long time if your product isn’t exactly what customers are looking for.

Why luxury cotton yarn continues to be in demand

Clothing has long ago left the meaning of being merely a means to cover behind. Today, garments are meant to impress, to grace and to express things. The same can be said about other items made from yarns such as home décor, blankets or bed linens. While designers face the challenge of having to adjust to growing customer expectations, they increasingly turn to materials that can be worked with in many different ways and that appeal to those buying it at the same time. Luxury cotton yarns fit those bills and have been the favorite choice of textile makers for many years.

Spoerry’s wide range of luxury cotton yarns

Spoerry 1866 hasn’t only been a supplier of luxury cotton yarns for so many years thanks to the premier quality, but also due to the wide range of yarns it offers. Buyers may for example choose between the extra-long staple Giza Premium yarn from Egypt and the company’s very own Sea Island cotton brand. Regardless of which variety is chosen, textile professionals can be sure that the entire manufacturing process is always strictly quality-controlled along the way.

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