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Raw Yarns

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Raw Yarns

«Mankind has never been lacking in talent, creativity and courage. » This was the motto of the Spoerry brothers, when they set out to produce yarns in 1866. Not mass-produced yarns as they were commonly known, but yarns that imbue any textile with a unique soul. With Spoerry 1866 this tradition continues to this day.


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The decision which yarn to choose makes all the differences. Choose from many different compositions and colours to find the perfect yarn for your textile creation.

Dyed Yarns

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Dyed Yarns

Our harmonious and balanced dyed cotton yarns and blends, many of them exclusive to Spoerry 1866, are all characterised by longstanding experience and our high demand for top quality. We use only the finest fibres available and spin and blend them to perfection at our mills in Switzerland. For yarns that lend an individual soul to any textile creation.

Working with luxury yarn to address customer expectations

Characteristic details, a certain design language and creative cuts are the trademarks that fashion designers use to distinguish themselves from the competition. By those means, they find an audience that will continue to look forward to a new season of fashionable ideas. People often marvel about the seemingly endless stream of creativity these designers put on display. But in order to be able to do so, they need excellent materials to work with. That is why makers of fashionable clothes spend a great amount of time scouring the market for the perfect luxury yarn that will serve as the basis for their ideas.

Luxury yarn has a fixed place in the market

In many regards, the fashion industry has become a market with fast-turning products, many of which are trying to win their share of customer expenditures via the price battle. Contrary to that, there has always been a large segment comprised of discerning customers who pay as much attention to quality and longevity as they do to cuts and designs. In this valuable part of the market, luxury yarns become one of the most convincing argumentation points.

What turns a yarn into a luxury yarn?

Customers often experience a garment as being high-grade when they feel a softness to the touch and a certain thickness of the fibers. Although there is no common code of what constitutes a luxury yarn and sets its apart from others, these qualities certainly play a significant role. After all, the sensation of wearing a piece made from the yarn will always be the most important factor. However, there are further characteristics that need to be considered. One of those is a guaranteed, strict quality monitoring system covering the entire way from the field to the point of sale.

Sustainability is an element of luxury yarns, too

In recent years, sustainability has assumed an ever more important position in the perception of customers in many fields. Of course, it is also a characteristic trait of luxury yarns. In that regard, the term means that the cotton is grown and nurtured in an organic way. Selecting the best crops is crucial as sustainability also means that the cotton is not chemically improved in a factory. This method of handling raw materials is a major asset in selling to discerning customers.

Luxury yarn comes in various forms

Yarns that are close to the nature they are derived from constitute a large part of what we would consider to be luxury yarns. But Spoerrys range of products includes more than just cotton from controlled cultivation. Cotton of a premier quality such as the one coming from Spoerry’s Sea Island fields, can also be combined and blended with other materials. Cashmere, silk and wool are prime examples of yarns that combine with cotton to create a unique, luxurious yarn quality. The company also offers to create custom specific material compositions based on customer’s requests.

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