Made from Sea Island cotton, a fabric with a luxurious touch

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Raw Yarns

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Raw Yarns

«Mankind has never been lacking in talent, creativity and courage. » This was the motto of the Spoerry brothers, when they set out to produce yarns in 1866. Not mass-produced yarns as they were commonly known, but yarns that imbue any textile with a unique soul. With Spoerry 1866 this tradition continues to this day.


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The decision which yarn to choose makes all the differences. Choose from many different compositions and colours to find the perfect yarn for your textile creation.

Dyed Yarns

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Dyed Yarns

Our harmonious and balanced dyed cotton yarns and blends, many of them exclusive to Spoerry 1866, are all characterised by longstanding experience and our high demand for top quality. We use only the finest fibres available and spin and blend them to perfection at our mills in Switzerland. For yarns that lend an individual soul to any textile creation.

Sea Island cotton fabric writes a new chapter in textile history

Fabrics have come a long way since they were first used, primarily as a means to protect against cold and wetness. In the past century in particular, a range of man-made fibers has been invented and has quickly found its way into the market. However, natural fibers are still the ones that people prefer to wear on their skin. Among those, cotton in its many forms continues to be popular for its stability and resistance. Sea Island cotton fabric is an advanced, high-quality type of cotton products.

Sea Island cotton fabric is made using optimal growing conditions

Cotton needs a certain set of conditions in order to grow and develop perfectly. The most basic need of the crop is a lot of sunshine. A certain amount of moisture is also needed as well as extended frost-free periods and some amount of nutrition in the soil. These parameters are naturally met in only a few regions of the world. These include Egypt, Latin America, India and the Caribbean. This is where the roots of Sea Island cotton fabric can be found.

How cotton can become Sea Island cotton fabric

Having favorable growing conditions is indeed a major step towards producing world-class cotton, but it is far from being the only significant one. For a textile to be labeled Sea Island cotton fabric, a lot of attention to detail is required. For example, crops are being hand-picked in order to maintain the delicate, fine quality of the fibers. Also, all processing steps taken after the harvest are marked by great care and gentle handling so that the natural softness and length of the fibers can be preserved. Going the extra mile in handling cotton means producing a superior fabric.

Make sure it’s really Sea Island cotton fabric

Sea Island cotton fabric is a rather rare textile. In comparison with the annual crop harvest of other types of cotton, the volume of Sea Island cotton is vanishingly small. One reason for that is the added effort it takes to grow, harvest and process the fibers with the unusual qualities. To make sure that what you get is really a fabric made from these crops, an authenticity label is routinely applied to them, issued by the grower’s association. This is the sign that what you hold in your hands has been subject to strict quality control all along the way.

Sea Island cotton fabric made in Switzerland

The quality grade of the carefully selected raw material is the most essential factor that speaks for Sea Island cotton fabric. But superior raw material always requires professional processing to reach its full potential. Spoerry 1866 is a family-owned yarn manufacturer that has been working with finest materials for more than 150 years. Their spinning processes as well as their sourcing are strictly monitored, guaranteeing the production of finest quality yarns from the best materials.

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