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Raw Yarns

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Raw Yarns

«Mankind has never been lacking in talent, creativity and courage. » This was the motto of the Spoerry brothers, when they set out to produce yarns in 1866. Not mass-produced yarns as they were commonly known, but yarns that imbue any textile with a unique soul. With Spoerry 1866 this tradition continues to this day.


Dyed Yarn Samples & Swatches


The decision which yarn to choose makes all the differences. Choose from many different compositions and colours to find the perfect yarn for your textile creation.

Dyed Yarns

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Dyed Yarns

Our harmonious and balanced dyed cotton yarns and blends, many of them exclusive to Spoerry 1866, are all characterised by longstanding experience and our high demand for top quality. We use only the finest fibres available and spin and blend them to perfection at our mills in Switzerland. For yarns that lend an individual soul to any textile creation.

The incomparable feel of Sea Island cotton sheets

In many regards, the quality and haptics of a fabric play an important role. For any kind of clothing, for example, these factors often have even more weight in a purchasing decision than design or cut. But it never factors more than for bed sheets. In the most private of environments, for direct skin contact and for many hours each day, people want a perfect quality fabric to cover them. This is why Sea Island cotton sheets are the primary choice for any discerning shopper.

Enjoying the characteristics of Sea Island cotton sheets

There are plenty of different kinds of cotton on the market and it would be wrong to assume that all of these kinds are essentially the same. Sea Island cotton sheets for example are made from a cotton plant that has the rare ability to produce unusually long staples. This simple fact results in a number of characteristics that turn garments made from this cotton type into something special. The raw material is however very rare, it only makes up far less than one percent of the annual global cotton output and trade.

Reasons to prefer Sea Island cotton sheets over all others

Speaking about the characteristics of Sea Island cotton does not mean ignoring the advantages and quality of other types of cotton. But Sea Island cotton sheets or other garments made form the material have a soft feel that is truly unique. Moreover, they are more resistant to wear than other fibers, they have a luxurious texture and they have considerable strength. All of these are prerequisites for designers to work with a fabric. For this reason, often the most compelling designs and most fashionable cuts can be found in textiles made from highest quality materials.

Sea Island cotton sheets prove that natural materials are the best

Of course, such exquisite fibers with such a long list of desirable properties are highly sought-after. But there is only a very limited amount of Sea Island cotton available on the market. It is grown on just a few fields in Central America, where temperatures and climate conditions are optimal to let the crops flourish. The growers association marks all harvested crops with a special authenticity label. When shopping for Sea Island cotton sheets, you should pay close attention to this certificate.

Creating exclusive Sea Island cotton sheets

When manufacturing any kind of fabric, selecting the right material is key to market success. But high-quality raw material requires adequate, professional handling in order to maintain its characteristics. This refers to everything from the efforts put into growing the plants to transporting the harvest to spinning. The Spoerry facilities in Switzerland have been used for spinning fine materials for more than a century so that a vast amount of experience becomes an ingredient of any Sea Island cotton sheet made here. Spoerry even runs their own cotton plantation in the Caribbean.

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