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Raw Yarns

«Mankind has never been lacking in talent, creativity and courage. » This was the motto of the Spoerry brothers, when they set out to produce yarns in 1866. Not mass-produced yarns as they were commonly known, but yarns that imbue any textile with a unique soul. With Spoerry 1866 this tradition continues to this day.


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The decision which yarn to choose makes all the differences. Choose from many different compositions and colours to find the perfect yarn for your textile creation.

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Dyed Yarns

Our harmonious and balanced dyed cotton yarns and blends, many of them exclusive to Spoerry 1866, are all characterised by longstanding experience and our high demand for top quality. We use only the finest fibres available and spin and blend them to perfection at our mills in Switzerland. For yarns that lend an individual soul to any textile creation.

Where to buy Sea Island cotton? At distinguished textile merchants

Everyone who has a certain affinity to fashion and textiles knows fully well that there are countless varieties of fabric out there. Some have been developed to address certain needs, others have been around for a long time and are of natural origins. Among these, cotton is the most popular variety. But there is a range of different qualities for cotton, with Sea Island cotton being a high-end type for customers looking for a luxurious fabric. The question of where to buy Sea Island cotton thus always leads to merchants with an excellent selection.

Plenty of reasons to ask where to buy Sea Island cotton

The term Sea Island cotton marks a very special kind of fibers that are grown in the Southern half of the American continent. They are derived from the gossypium barbadense plant, a very sensitive kind of cotton plant with particularly long fibers. These fibers are the reason why Where to buy Sea Island cotton is a commonly asked question among professionals in the textile industry. They are used to manufacture unmistakably soft fabrics with a very special and unique luxury touch.

Do your research when asking where to buy Sea Island cotton

Looking around the marketplace, there appear to be easy answers to the question of where to buy Sea Island cotton. Unfortunately though, not all of these answers are correct. The reason for that lies in the unique characteristics of the material. It is a rare one, making up only a tiny fraction of annual global cotton trade and as with any rare commodity, some of the items available are not really authentic. The farmers producing the cotton have thus developed an authenticity label which you must look for when you are in the market to buy this material.

Where to buy Sea Islands cotton that’s sure to be of premium quality?

Buyers looking to procure cotton in prime quality will surely ask themselves where to buy Sea Island cotton sooner or later, simply because this special kind stands for fabrics that immediately become customer favorites. But the material itself is only the beginning. As a valuable commodity, it also requires careful handling all the way from the field to the mill. Sea Island cotton is grown in the most natural and sustainable way, carefully selected and harvested by hand and transported with the diligent care such valuable goods require.

Where to buy Sea Island cotton products?

Sea Island cotton as a raw material has inspired designers and customers alike for many decades. Ever since it has entered the market and since people became anxious to know where to buy Sea Island cotton, innovative players in the textile industry have even advanced the material. At Spoerry 1866 for example, they have blended the luxurious yarn with other fine materials such as silk or cashmere to create even more intriguing products that sit at the top of luxurious garments.

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