“Ice Cotton – So Comfortably Cool”

Cool yourself down, ecologically – literally, with this fabric you can do!


The beauty of this unique “cooling” material lays in the usage of the advanced technology yarn construction unique to Spoerry 1866.


No synthetic fibers are employed – the whole concept relays on the usage of naturally grown and selected cotton and of course to the exclusive, edge of technology yarn producing process unique to Spoerry 1866.


Many garments give more than one function apart from being the latest in fashion. Some warm you, some cool you, some protect you from microwave and others from ultraviolet lights – the list is endless. But all have one thing in common – they are made of synthetic material!

Always in the quest to find the most advanced and best materials in this world the unique Swiss yarn and fabric producer Spoerry 1866 developed a new functional yarn/fabric, which offers not only the best naturally made fabric but also gives a integrated “cool to the touch” effect.


So, if ones like to have the best of both worlds – functionality and ecology – rest your mind on ease with the use of the new “cool” yarn ICE COTTON from Spoerry 1866.


Spoerry ICE COTTON is the functional and ecological yarn for exclusive textile creations with special properties:


  • “cool to the touch” effect
  • free from harmful allergenic chemicals
  • positive contribution to the ecological balance
  • natural silken sheen
  • perfect yarn structure
  • clear weave pattern
  • easy care

If you are looking for a functional and ecological yarn for exclusive textile creations then….