Zwei Hände, die einen Baumwollfaden berühren. Symbolbild der Firma Spoerry 1866. Hersteller von Luxusgarnen.

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Spoerry’s Heritage

The Soul

For six generations, Spoerry 1866 has been well known throughout the world for their premium yarns. Not mass-produced yarns, but yarns that lend a unique soul to any textile.
The design and properties of our yarns are not only determined by our company’s many years of experience in spinning processes, but also by our systematic focus on innovation, sustainability and quality.


Our Story

Spoerry’s Materials

Spoerry’s Materials

Spoerry 1866 sources and selects its own raw materials and even maintains its own cotton plantation. Our aim is to retain the natural character of our raw materials in the yarns and the textiles produced from them.


Our Vision

Ungekämmte Baumwolle.
Spinning the threads since 1866

The Works

In our own production facility situated in the heart of Switzerland, we work with a vast variety of luxury fibres such as the very best of cotton, cashmere, silk and synthetics. Using our specialised know-how, which has been handed down for generations, we blend and manufacture a yarn which is tailored to perfection.


our vision

Schweizer Berge mit rotem Himmel.

Switzerland’s beauty and natural perfection is found in all our products


Spoerry’s pure basics

Raw Yarns

Our core concept since 1866: spun to pure perfection either from one of our extralong quality cottons or blended with other fine fibres. Tailor-made for weaving or knitting.


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Raw yarn collection
Spoerry’s colours

Dyed Yarns

After more than 150 years in the business and having continuously developed and refined its manufacturing processes throughout this time, Spoerry 1866 stands for the same high-quality standards customers have become used to – from product development to production and worldwide distribution. We believe our yarns have a soul that connects with the surrounding world.